Vertical Rope



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Technical Requirements




Helena Wyder  
dreamlike dance on the rope  
Technical Requirements

Minimum height: 5 m / 16 ft. 4 in.
from 10 m: special dismount downward
Rigging Point: a supporting member - steel beam, joist or girder - and a hook in the ceiling (250 kg/550 lbs. weight bearing capacity)
Assembly: easy access to rigging point by ladder or powered mechanical lift; scaffolding that's easy to walk on.
Lighting: appropriate show lighting (preferred colors are magenta and steel blue)
Sound: CD Player and amplifier
Length of act: approximately 6 minutes

An open-air performance is also possible. In that case, one of the following (or similar) is needed to hang up the rope: a crane, fire truck with a high ladder, outdoor stage with a traverse.